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Tennis school

Tennis school

The aim of the tennis school is to acquaint children with the basics of tennis technique and tactics, as well as with the rules of tennis and to help develop physical and fitness. In our tennis school, children train in groups or individually under the supervision of qualified coaches, 2 or more times a week, depending on interest. The trainings are playful and competitive.

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A) You will come to the recruitment of children, which we organize in the months of April or September. The advantage of this trip is that we agree on recruitment times for recruitment so that it suits most of the group. Another advantage is that training during the first 2 weeks is completely free, so your child can try out whether tennis is the right sport for him. Recruitment is intended for children aged 4 to 16 years.

B) However, if you do not succeed in recruiting, you can join an existing group. It is ideal to arrange an individual training with the trainer to find out what level you or your child are at and we will select a group for you based on the training. Here, however, training times are fixed.

From the tennis school you can transfer to the TENNIS ACADEMY , which aims at competitive tennis. If you are still undecided, come and take a look at our trainings.

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