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About the club


Volleyball Tenis Club Pezinok was established in its current form on May 1, 1990 as an independent entity, which until then was part of the physical education unit Stavbár Pezinok. The birth of the club began in Lokomotiva, Pezinok, when local enthusiasts had the idea to play on the outdoor playgrounds in Stará Tehelna, and then on the playground of the Panelky school. Only later did the history of the club begin to be written in the area of ​​the current stadium, where volunteers built two volleyball courts and two tennis courts, to which a fifth common court was added in the late 1980s. The VTC hall on Komenského Street is also the work of enthusiasts who completed it in 1978. At that time, it served several sections of the then TJ Lokomotiva, later TJ Stavbár, and after its division, the VTC Pezinok served.

The present

In summer we use:

- 4 clay courts

- 2 beach volleyball courts

- covered hall with hard surface

- gym.

In winter we use:

- 2 clay courts covered with an inflatable hall

- covered hall with hard surface.

The club also has a club room with a cafe and a summer terrace.

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