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Conditions valid from 1.9.2019

  1. Terms of payment

    • Tennis school

membership or training fee (price list see , info on the exact amount by phone, e-mail, reported by the parent when signing the application, or orally after signing the application) for each child must be paid by the 5th day of the month for the current month (therefore it is paid in advance, eg for the month of September the fee must be paid by 5.9., for October by 5.10., etc.)

  • Tennis academy

within 7 days of sending the calculation of payment for trainings by e-mail,

  • the amount of the fee depends on the volume of training, ie the number of courts, the number of coaches, the number of players, the length of playing time in the summer or winter season.

    • payments must be sent to the SLSP account SK4809000000000181402040, while in the note it is necessary to state the name of the child, classification and month for which it is paid, resp. purpose of payment

(eg Peter Novák, TŠ (tennis school) or TA (tennis academy) - trainings November 2019, arrears in March, etc ..)

  • defaulters will be asked to pay arrears by e-mail or telephone. If the arrears are not paid even after the notification, the legal representative will be informed about the interruption of the child's training until the arrears are paid.

  1. Terms of payment in case of omission of several trainings

    • TŠ (tennis school) - due to the club's budget for each month, it is not possible to make reliefs on fees in case of omission of several trainings due to illness, travel or absence due to other reasons. Trainings can be replaced by agreement if the child has been checked out at least 24 hours in advance.

    • In case of long-term serious reasons (illness, injury), partial or complete waiver of training fees is possible upon agreement

    • TA (tennis academy) - voting from trainings is possible no later than 24 hours. before the training, otherwise the training will be properly accounted for

  2. Trainings during the summer holidays

  • TŠ - non-racing players have training times adjusted during the summer holidays and charged according to the actual participation in the training. We find out our interest in training in advance and announce the training schedule in time.

  • TA - training times of racing players will be adjusted in agreement with the coach

  1. Check out your child from the club

If you decide to unsubscribe your child from the VTC Club, you must do so by the end of the month for which you paid the fees.

  1. Communication coach - parent - child

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, as only sufficient communication can prevent possible misunderstandings.

We will also be happy if you regularly attend the meetings of the Tennis Club Pezinok, where you can best understand the functioning of our club and enter into discussions. Our meetings are held twice a year, usually in February and September. You will always find out about their exact date and place in time.

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