Pezinok Championship

Over the weekend, the first Pezinka Tennis Championships took place here. A total of 33 players took part, of which the overall winner was VTC player Janika Kusý Alzugaray. Many thanks to the sponsors, without whom this tournament could not have been organized (list of sponsors in the gallery). Overall, the tournament met our expectations, brought great tennis and an amazing atmosphere. We are already looking forward to next year :)


Category MiniMajsterko Pezinka

1.Mičík Matej

2.Ježek Samuel

3.Rehuš Tomáš

3.Krnáč Miško

Finals up to 8 years:

MIČÍK MATEJ - Ježek Samuel 4: 1

Category MiniMajster Pezinka

1.Martišová Miška

2. Silent Hanka

3.Mozolová Romanka

Finals up to 10 years:

MARTIŠOVÁ MIŠKA - Tichá Hanka 4: 1

Category Majsterko Pezinka

1. Ďuroška Lukáš

2.Ježek Martin

3.Pravdová Terezka

3.Panáková Veronika

Finals up to 15 years:

ĎUROŠKA LUKÁŠ - Ježek Martin 4: 3 (7/5)

Category Master Pezinka in tennis

1.Janika Kusý Alzugaray

2.Pagáč Milan

3.Morský Ivo

3. Konon Rado

Finals over 15 years:

KUSÝ JANIKA - Pagáč Milan 9: 5


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