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Donate 2% of the VTC Pezinok club taxes

Donate 2% tax and get a 50% discount at our club!

You can only get by donating! What ? Discount in our club in the amount of 50% of your financial contribution.

You will get and will get a club - you will support the revitalization of the club, improve the conditions for your children and also save your wallet.

Last year we had 17 contributors who provided us with a total of € 2001 and are currently drawing discounts in the form of

training fee and rental of courts with us in the amount of 1000.50 €. We thank them once again for their support.


Forms and a leaflet with information can be found:

- in attachments

- In the club café

- on request from our trainers

If you pay your civic association your 2% of the tax, please send a copy of these forms in the form of a scan by e-mail,

or bring it to us in person so that we can register you and after crediting (it takes place gradually from the tax office until the end of September)

we will give you a 50% discount on your contribution.

We look forward to all fans of the Tennis Club VTC who

they want to support us and at the same time enjoy the saved euros with us

we thank you

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