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Tennis academy

Tennis academy

is aimed at training those players who are interested in playing tennis competitively and later also professionally.

We include all components of sports training in the training process. In addition to technical and tactical training on the court, we also work with young tennis players on fitness, psychological and theoretical training. Trainings are conducted under the supervision of qualified coaches and tennis players have a comprehensive training process (goal setting, tournament calendar, training plans, macrocycles, mesocycles, microcycles, player evaluations, testing, medical reviews, ...).

Player rating

  • PERFORMANCE - combativeness, enthusiasm, commitment (tempo), activity on and off training, creativity on training, independence

  • ÚCTA - behavior, self-respect, communication, approach, order, support, mood, honesty, fair play, sincerity

  • DISCIPLINE - fulfillment of plans, goals and tasks, reaction and flexibility to situations, punctuality, attendance, diet, breaks

  • INTEREST - participation in trainings, sessions and tournaments, club events, obtaining information, interest in the game, education (ability to learn)

Why we evaluate

  • BAD RESPONSE - so that not only players know how they are doing in trainings and tournaments in which they can improve, and thus constantly contribute to increasing their performance and maintaining their performance

  • INTERNAL MOTIVATION - internal motivation is based on the player's need to improve and move forward, it is long-term (external motivation - for example, I give the player money for a won match - certainly motivates the player, but in the short term)

  • PATH - we evaluate the player's path, ie how he gets to the result (his performance and the items that complement him and create one whole), we do not focus on the result, because we only find out from him whether the player won or lost, we do not find out HOW PLAYED

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