Academy of Movement

Fitness training for top and performance sports

Fitness training is a component of sports training, the aim of which is to induce adaptive changes in the athlete's body with a focus on the development of motor skills. The task of fitness training is to develop the athlete's all-round movement potential (fitness and coordination skills) and to increase the athlete's body's ability to withstand the increasing training load, ie the development of functional and mental conditions, strengthening health and injury prevention, compensators for unilateral loading.

Fitness training for hobby sports

The aim is to create a general movement basis for children. Training units are conducted in a playful way with a focus on the development of motor skills and the elimination of muscle imbalances. The basic framework of the movement plan includes movement games developing basic fitness and coordination skills, sports games (floorball, football, volleyball,… according to children's preferences) gymnastic movement training and athletic movement training. Additional offer (in case of interest): ski course, swimming course, tourist course.